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Faulty Fixtures, Let Our Carlsbad Contractors Install New Ones

Our Carlsbad, CA plumbing team offers a wide Cloged Pipes Cleared by Licensed Plumbing Contractorsrange of services to suit all your plumbing needs. Our skilled and professional plumbers are licensed and trained to work on home plumbing systems, as well as office buildings and commercial structures. You can contact us for any plumbing issue that you may be experiencing and we will be happy to assist. The services we proudly offer include:

 - Plumbing System Installation
 - Pipe Repair Carlsbad Plumbers Install Low Flow Fixtures
 - Drain Cleaning
 - Sewer and Water Line Repair and Replacement
 - Toilet Repair
 - Sink and Shower Repair
 - Water Filtration System Installation
 - Licensed and Bonded

Repairs and Installations From our Carlsbad Plumbers

  • Plumbing System Installation

Our plumbers can take care of the installation of plumbing systems for new homes and buildings, and they can also diagnose and repair any issues you are having with your current system.

  • Pipe Repair

Damaged and worn pipes can cause leaks, rust colored water, and backups. Our plumbers will properly assess your piping issues and will advise on whether a repair is needed or if full replacement of your pipes is a better option.

  • Water Heater Repair

There are two types of water heaters that are used in homes and buildings: electric and gas. If your water heater is surrounded by a pool of water, there could be a few different issues that are causing this. The tank may be corroded or there may be a leak from a nearby plumbing connection. Our skilled technicians will be happy to diagnose and repair your water heater.

  • Dishwasher and Washing Machine Repair

If your dishwasher is leaking water, this can cause damage to the floor in a short period of time. This may be caused from a loose drain hose, and can usually be fixed easily. Our plumbers will advise on whether or not you need a replacement hose. If your washing machine is not working but is making strange noises, there may be an issue with the water pump. Our Carlsbad plumbers will assist you in correcting this issue.

Unfortunately we no longer service lawn sprinkler systems. Here is the company we recommend instead.